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I'm Johanna and and I'm specializing in Women Empowerment Services.
As I was studying Business, I moved to New York City for a Study Abroad Program and completely fell in love with the Culture and the sense of Opportunity. After interning with an Executive Coaching Company I knew that coaching and supporting people in their search for fulfillment in work and life was my passion.
Numerous years of education and training later it became clear that I've always felt a strong purpose of helping women and the discovery of their identity.
Women are in a unique position of facing so many changing roles and expectations during their lives, often leading to over-identifying with a particular role and forgetting who they truly are inside.
I have a fantastic day of work when I can make my clients see opportunity, understand how they can find their purpose and the motivation to become hungry for more than just an average life.
I care very much for each of my clients and wont rest until everyone who reaches out achieves a sense of fulfillment and understanding of their own strengths and potential.
I use tools that draw from my experience and training in Psychotherapy, NLP and Business Coaching. All of those areas have great strengths to support growth toward fulfillment and I appreciate the flexibility to use the best tools in order to provide the most results-oriented qualitative service combined with a non-judgemental nurturing foundation.
As women we are often prone to giving ourselves up for the people around us, and we forget we are also human and our purpose as humans is to grow and transform into something greater than ourselves.
While coaching I am now also in the middle of writing a book about the identity search for women, providing guidelines and exercises to understand and build on strengths and potential.

This is MY background but enough of that because now it's all about YOU: Hopefully this blog will help you with some exercises and insights on your own self-discovery and if there's anything else I can do for you, drop me a mail.

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