Saturday, March 24, 2012

Secrets about your Peergroup

One of the most valuable insights you can get is by reading the following quote:

“ The standard of your life is a direct reflection of the expectation of your peergroup ” , stated Anthony Robbins. 

I find this to be one of my favorite quote since it truly sums up why we make greater or smaller demands on ourselves. By having people around you who have high expectations in terms of fitness, career and family, you yourself will feel your expectations rise. 

What’s that mean for me?

Whenever you feel you want to achieve more in one area, find yourself peers that have ambition within that field. 

If you want to loose weight but neither you nor your friends are fit, you will justify each other’s lack of action. Reach out people with determination and you will not only learn more than you think but also start working for  your own success!

Whatever area of live you are not satisfied in, reach out to a person who makes this area a priority.

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