Monday, August 13, 2012

If you take care of others, who will take care of you?

In today’s society you might notice, many people struggle with finding a balance between pleasing others and pleasing themselves. Especially as females we have been raised to value taking responsibility for everyone around us and their well-being. Instead of balancing our own needs, it is normal to balance everyone else’s needs. With this comes the inability to say “no” and a difficulty to set boundaries between our wishes and the wishes of the people around us. Maybe you notice yourself the times you worry about the problems that are not your own. Giving your energy to making somebody else’s struggle go away, you loose track of your own needs and vision for yourself. It is natural that the more we give, the more we hope to expect in return. We want someone else to be there and make our wishes and needs a priority.

The more you give to others without making yourself a priority, the more you will feel like you are falling short. Frustration and Resentment take place when you expect in return all the ways in which you give to others. No matter if it is your children, your partner, your friends or family that you are giving to - if we make everyone else a priority we hope to be a priority to someone else. These hopes can often be in vain. We can’t expect someone else to take the responsibility that we don’t take for ourselves. The more you please and the less important your own needs are to yourself, the more scarce you will feel. So if you make other people a priority over your own needs, you need to seriously evaluate your own hopes for yourself. If others are more important than your time for yourself, you need to be honest with yourself about the consequences of those priorities. What are the consequences for your life, your body, your dreams and your future? If everyone else’s struggle are more important, how do you show yourself you are important too? Your responsibility for yourself is just as important as your responsibility for the people close to you. If you don’t show yourself your needs are important, no one else can truly make you feel important. When creating the habit of making other peoples needs more important, you are giving up on every need you feel inside. Think twice of putting your dreams and hopes on the end of your to-do list.

Do you feel like you are falling short? Are your needs important to you? Do you make it a point to give yourself the time you need?

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