Monday, August 27, 2012

Time Management Class Part 6: Inability to set Priorities

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst. William Penn

Welcome back to the Time Management Series, where you can find new ways to find more time in your day to do what's most important to you!  During the last weeks, we touched on Time Thiefs such as the Telephone, Meetings, Bad Habits and other Employees/Friends/Managers dropping by your office

Today it’s all about setting the right Priorities. If you don’t know right now what your top Priority is, you will find yourself struggling to make decisions and keep up with your Task List. If you don’t clearly define your Priorities, you base your decisions on humoring others, going through the motions or upcoming new projects.

What is your top Priority right now? Which tasks make the biggest difference at your Work Place? 

Your top Priority is the project that makes the biggest overall improvement in your job and brings the greatest value. The more time you spend with tasks of this project, the more success you will experience.

If you are unable to set your Priorities at home and you find yourself spending more time pleasing others than getting your own needs fulfilled, ask yourself: Which project would make the biggest overall improvement to my life? Is it weight loss, sports, finding creative outlets, spending quality relationship time, increasing your own value by taking some classes?

Throughout the day, call your attention to it and ask yourself: “Which task would make the biggest difference to my job right now?” Are you completing this task?

Think on Paper and structure your To-do list with the hardest Task on the top. It is most likely that the hardest task is also the one that brings the most benefit to your work.

If you spend 2-3 Minutes organizing a To Do list that is a) doable, b) productive and c) challenging in the beginning tasks, you will find yourself more efficient and productive.

Do you think on paper? Do you have a To Do list with 4-5 challenging and important tasks? Are your priorities visible in your To Do list?

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