Saturday, August 4, 2012

Secrets about your Breakfast, How to avoid Afternoon Fatigue & What to do about Bullying

Tune into our Radio Show tomorrow morning on 107.5 FM 10 AM to hear about the Secrets in your Breakfast, How to avoid Afternoon Fatigue and what to do about Bullying. 

We'll be showing you where to download our free Paper with Breakfast Recipes and Tips to stay energized over the day. We'll also be touching on where you can find Bullying in Nature and what happens to the Bullee in Packs of Animals.
We're excited to have some Listeners from outside the state and country as well, so if you want to listen online here. Here you can also find the links to our previous Podcasts about Goalsetting, Vitamins, Motivation and Weight-loss including Interviews with Business Owners, Nutritionists and Personal Trainer. 

Listening to something motivational is a great way to prepare for your week, being entertained with insights to your Food and Soul and learning new ways to approach old Problems.

Have a wonderful Weekend and a great Start into your Week!

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