Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Greatest Enemy to Your Growth

We are defined by the difficult choices we make. It is our greatest source of insight and growth.

If you plan on gaining control over your circumstances and you would like to create lasting changes in your life, there is one great enemy to overcome first: Denial. 

As simple as it sounds, your chances for change and fulfillment are in direct relationship to your habit of denial. Every one of us has used denial for an area of our life that we feel disappointed about. None of us really likes to hear the ugly truth about our missed opportunities, bad habits or frustration but the ugly truth is the only real motivation you can use to change your circumstances. The moment you are frustrated enough with the honest situation is the moment you notice will enable you to do what is right for you!

Is there an area in your life where you should face your own frustration with yourself? Where do you soften your own disappointment? The only way to overcome is to face the fear and frustration to move toward control and change. You will only be as happy with your life as you feel you are in control over your circumstances. Denial will consistently prevent you from reaching control. Face what’s uncomfortable about yourself and decided to propel your frustration into motivation and energy! This action will have tremendous effects on your self-pride, on your fulfillment and the true happiness that comes with enjoying who you are and the choices you are making!

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