Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Secrets behind Instant Gratification

Instant Gratification has such draw that most of us at one point or another chose instant pleasure over long-term gain.
No matter your education, age or gender: It’s still difficult sometimes to overcome your inner resistance against working on tasks that have a late pay-off. For some individuals, the gym and exercise are the activities they cannot get themselves to commit to. For others it is discipline in food intake, getting up early in the day or completing the difficult projects on the work to-do list. What is it for you? Where do you find yourself resisting against committing to work for your long-term benefits?

One way to overcome the pull of Instant Gratification is your realization how little you are honest with yourself. The more your give in to Instant Gratification, the more it shows you have found ways to lie to yourself about your reality in this situation. We all prefer immediate positive pleasures but they will not be authentic and genuine satisfaction if one part of you realizes you justified away something that you should have done. Being truly honest with yourself about your choices and your needs has great pay-offs in terms of pride, empowerment and the genuine feeling of being in control of your future. Until you overcome your draw for immediate pleasure, you will struggle against discipline for many years to come. The earlier you do what’s good for you, the easier it gets and the more self pride and true satisfaction you feel for your choices.

You can only change if you are honest with yourself and you find the leverage inside to tell yourself: This is not where I wanted to be at this age
. This is not the weight I ever wanted for myself. This is not the lifestyle I would have chosen. Unless you get fed up with your current set of circumstances and eliminate your tendencies to justify away your frustration with saying “It’s not too bad yet” or “I’ll do it tomorrow”, you will stay where you are right now. Make a decision to do today, what you wanted to do weeks or years ago. A great part of you knows the right actions to take, so make a commitment and maybe find someone to hold you accountable - today.

How would you feel if you finally overcame your draw to instant gratification in the areas that matter to you? What would you tell yourself, if you were truly honest with yourself about your reality? What small action could you take today, to commit yourself into the right direction?

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