Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Understanding the Secret behind our Purchases

What is it you are really looking for?

What is it that you crave when you feel compelled to make a purchase? Many times when we hear the voice of a product calling our name, it is really an internal feeling we are looking to satisfy.

You might notice that some products you purchase because of their beauty, the confidence they might give you, the significance or recognition you are looking for. When you go shopping, what are you attracted to? What does this product symbolize to you? What is it that makes you feel good about your purchase?

It is a well-known fact that shoe sales rise when the economy takes a bad turn. We all can tend to live beyond our means sometimes and then often notice the guilt that follows.
We also have a need for comfort, love and significance. Especially if you feel a lack of any of those needs, you unconsciously look to fill it with a purchase. Luxury purchases are created to give us the feeling of recognition and accomplishment. The product however will only make you feel better temporarily, in order to make the satisfaction, real changes are necessary!

If you know the emotions you are looking for, you know what you crave. It rarely is the product you are after, but the resulted feeling inside of you. What is it you are craving? What is the change you need? What do you really want in your life, that might be missing? Knowing this will give you power and control to make your own choices and satisfy any needs you have!

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