Thursday, November 1, 2012

Quick Time Management Exercise

Here is a helpful exercise for you to understand which activities cost you time but don't benefit your day:

Take a paper and write down - what are the activities you use to escape from your workday? Is it reading, internet surfing, tv or something else? We all use different activities to escape our day when we feel overwhelmed. What is it for you?

Make a list and take the time to discover what you use to disconnect from stress. Then write down how many hours you spend every day on each of the activities. 

Often we try to disconnect or escape and don't realize how much time actually gets lost.
Whenever you get overwhelmed or uncomfortable, there is a chance you find yourself looking for ways to get distracted. Understanding this about yourself is important when it comes to saving time for the things that are really important to you.

When do you notice you want to escape? Which are the tasks that overwhelm you?

In order to maximize your time and increase your Work-Life Balance, it is helpful to know what you are uncomfortable with, where you find yourself procrastinating and what it is you do to escape.

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