Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Time Management Class Part 5: Other Employees/Friends dropping by the office

In todays Time Management Class Part 5, you’ll learn 5 Ways to limit your interrupted times through employees or friends dropping by your office.

Most of us know the feeling: You are just getting settled in the office, you start working on your project and finally you are completely focused and productive when - another employee drops by to start chatting. No matter if it is a Manager, Friend or Colleague who’s disrupting your focus, it’s frustrating and destructive to your Day. So what do if someone drops by your offce? Here are 5 Ways to take back control when someone comes to you to start a conversation:

1. Get out of your chair and stand up. When you stand up and move in your workplace, it looks like you were just about to head out and the visitor wont feel enticed to sit down and begin longer conversations.

2. When a person comes by, lead them out of your office to get Water, Coffee or Paper from the Printer. Then while they hang out when you get the Water for example, wrap up the conversation and say “I guess I better get back to work”, leaving the person at the kitchen or office supplies for example.
Get used to saying “Thanks so much for coming by, but I have to get back to work now.” 

3.  Keep saying “I got to go back to work” and you will notice people reacting to this statement.

4.  Whenever you drop by someone elses office, ask “Is this a good time for you or should I come back later?” and by insisting on asking, you will notice individuals start doing the same to you. Help others to ask you “Is this a good time for you or should I come back later?” Then you can be honest to state that you are in the middle of a project.

5. Take the visitor by the arm under the pretense to head out of the office and show them some information. Any information could be useful, such as a new Memo or Company Announcement. Then wrap the conversation up, leaving the person at the information board to get back to work.

Some of this advice is geared towards taking Visitors out of your office. The reason for this is that a lot of time is lost through people who stop by your work area to stay for extended conversation. Be creative when you use those solutions.You’ll notice as soon as you make it less comfortable for people to stick around, you’ll save several hours a week and you have more uninterrupted time to be focused. Also don’t be afraid to let people know when you need to concentrate or work alone. As long as you intend to be friendly and polite about it, people will understand the request.

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