Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Are you living on the defensive?

Here are some questions that will help you understand your current situation:

Are you living to get through the day instead of getting from it? Are you proactively planning for your week, your year, or are trying to deal with the crisis that are coming your way? Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed by the amount of responsibility you take on? When we get overwhelmed by our challenges, we start living on the defensive, managing the adversity we take on.  Living on the defensive will prevent you from actively growing, taking care of your needs and living outside the fear-zone.

The best way to stop feeling overwhelmed is starting to take an honest look at what your week looks like: Do you have systems in place to keep yourself healthy and your mind focused? Are you developing skills you need to be better prepared when crisis hits? Does it feel like you struggle with similar situations of stress regularly - maybe it is time to establish systems to deal with those struggles. Do you fuel your body with foods that keep it energized and strong? Those are questions which help you define your situation and possible areas of improvement. It will enable you to take the long view versus defending against short term struggle.

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