Sunday, September 16, 2012

Time Management Class Part 7: Crisis at home/work

Learning about Time Management has had an incredible influence in how I approach work and life. I believe with the right Time Management, you can reach your Goals, live with greater ease and feel in control of your work and family schedule. Brian Tracy and Anthony Robbins have created great programs to teach you how to manage your time and thanks to these influences, I am able to provide you some quick tips and tools as well. I hope it helps you to maximize your productivity and family quality time while at the same time minimizes the possibilities for you to loose whole days where nothing really gets done (and we all know those days, don’t we?). 

To recapitulate, here are the last 6 Parts of the Time Management Class in summary for you to access:

Time Management Series
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Other Employees/Friends dropping by the office
Inability to set Priorities

Today it’s all about dealing with the unexpected. Sometimes even though learned to discipline and focus ourselves, get through the to-do list and even create constructive habits, our greatest chunks of time get lost through unexpected Crisis. Have you ever taken the time to think about possible future crisis? What could go wrong at work or life in the next 3,6,12 months? How would you deal with those crisis? Anticipating the things that could  go wrong and setting tentative plans in place will help you tremendously when it comes to dealing with the unexpected. What is the worst possible thing that could happen and how could we take action? Think about the time it takes you to go from the shock of an unexpected crisis to move toward overcoming the emotional turbulence and realizing a positive constructive plan to move forward. If you send some tentative proactive plans in place, you will save yourself great amounts of time plus those tentative solutions will prevent you from feeling emotionally overwhelmed and out of control. If you think of yourself as the primary strategist of your life, it is your responsibility to look down the road and plan for proactive contingencies that give you control in the moments that would otherwise create great frustration and turbulence. Realize how circumstances can overwhelm you any day, and the little time it takes to prepare for those possible circumstances will make or break your well-being and personal goals.
Sometimes you might realize the same crisis at work or home seems to re-occur on a regular basis, which is a sign of bad planning and lack of organization. Feeling overwhelmed will take the motivation out of your day, the ease to take control and the possibility to get quickly on your feet.

Which crisis are happening in your life? Has the same crisis happened more than once or twice? Then it might be time to look at your system and ask yourself: what is not working?

When a crisis happens, use this post to turn toward for an exercise that allows you to find solutions quickly and keep a cool head. It’s time to get over your reluctance to ask for help and turn toward people who are able to take some of the pressure. Ask constructive questions and instead of wondering “Why does this happen to me?” or 
“Why do bad things always come at the same time”, ask yourself “How can I find a quick solution?” and “What specifically can I do to change this situation?”

How are you dealing with a crisis when it comes along? Do you feel overwhelmed or out of control when something negative and unexpected happens?

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