Monday, December 17, 2012

Are you a Genius?

 You could in fact, start acting like a Genius - right now!

It has been shown that there are 3 common characteristics, which all Geniuses have in common and you can develop them, too!

Here they are:

1.) A childlike Sense of Wonder
Looking at a challenge with a childlike sense of wonder, as if they had never seen it before. Looking at a problem with a ‘fresh set of eyes’, possibly with playfulness.

2.) A deep concentrated Focus

Taking the time to really focus in on one single issue, problem, challenge. Developing the skill of uninterrupted concentration and focus.

3.) A structured Approach to Problem-Solving
Structuring your Approach so that you can move from the Exploration Phase of a Challenge into the next Phase. Building a system of Problem-Solving.

Are you currently presenting any of these elements? You can use the same characteristics to approach your challenges and hone in on your Concentration skills!

What would be a challenge where you could use this skills?

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