Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Is Ambition bad for your Relationships?

Lately the downfalls of Ambition have become a common theme in our society and culture. As an example, at least 4 different popular TV Shows (Damages, Scandal, 666 Park Avenue, Revenge) explore the storytelling theme of the fallen hero who’s ambition develops into a ruthless restlessness. Ambition itself has become a word with negative connotations.

Our generation is often told to be humble and modest, accepting our life the way it is. Many of my clients in past and presence exemplify signs of guilt due to an urge to have more in life than humble circumstances. We are shown and told, that ambition will be our downfall and not only cost us the relationships in our life, but also leave us dissatisfied, restless and narcissistic.
The exact opposite is mostly the case. What leaves us dissatisfied is forcing ourselves to be happy with where we are at, even if it is not our truth. Instead of going out, realizing that we are not satisfied and taking control of necessary changes, we have started telling ourselves “It is what it is”. This costs you resentment, bitterness and grudges. Whenever you deny yourself a truth you feel within, it results in an unbalanced relationship between yourself and your emotions.

Ambition is not the result of inferior relationships or restlessness - an inability to set priorities is. Your ambition always needs to be in accord with your values of integrity and honesty. You can truly have it all, as long as you know what it is you really want and pursue a reality of satisfying relationships and fulfilling career.

What are your associations to Ambition? Does it sound like a negative or positive word to you? Do you struggle with feelings of restlessness or bitterness sometimes?

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