Thursday, December 13, 2012

Quick reads that can change your World

Your quality of life 6 months from now is a reflection of what you’re reading right now.

The author Brian Tracy has already stated decades ago that you could double your income in one year if you would read 30 minutes of relevant literature every day. I am a firm believer that this is true - more so I have seen it happen several times.

We have all heard before that the average individual has about 70 000 thoughts a day, but more than the majority of those thoughts are the same each day. We question the same problems, contemplate the same relationships and approach challenges the same way. By reading the right, quick literature, you will naturally start contemplating new ideas and find several different solutions to your old problems.

In 6 months you could now how to save your money better than ever before, how to motivate yourself instantly, how to manage your time so that you have the best Work-Life Balance. The best decisions in life are the ones with positive long term effects and reading the right literature is exactly that - a long term effect.

Here are some authors who have written small and big books about how to change areas of your life:

Zig Ziglar - Motivation, Goals, Sales
Kim Kiyosaki - Empowering women to master their financial World
Robert Kiyosaki - Financials
Brian Tracy - Self Discipline, Time Management, Sales
Tony Robbins - Motivation, Time Management, How to create lasting Changes
Helga Rhodes - Assertiveness Training

...and many more

If you are someone who would like to improve your career or relationship, one of the first best steps to take, is getting yourself the right literature that will help you think differently!

What are you reading right now? If you are interested in specific literature that can help you best, send me an email or comment and I will give you specific ideas.

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