Sunday, December 30, 2012

Who's watching you?

It’s a well-known secret that our behavior changes when we think someone’s watching.

That applies to the way we gorge ourselves on Food, surf the Internet, hold our Posture or work on a Project. Since only 2% of our population have a natural sense of urgency, all of the other 98% need someone to watch over our shoulder so we give our best.

So I wasn’t surprised when I read in a book about healthy Weight-management that one trick is to pretend someone’s observing you when your eating gets out of hand. Our imagination can be our greatest enemy or greatest asset - depending on if you imagine the taste of a delicious dessert you could have or if you imagine a group of people watching you eating that cake.

So which of your bad habits would change if someone was watching? Who would be the person you least would want to see you like this? Maybe it is someone you admire, someone who’s opinion matters to you? Maybe it would be someone you wouldn't want to disappoint?

It shouldn't be the case that you only give your best when you are observed by someone else. Give the best for yourself! Walk as if someone’s watching, hold your posture as if someone observes you and eat as if people are staring until you are the person that gives her/his best automatically. Because... someone is always watching and judging you - and that someone is you.

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