Tuesday, July 3, 2012

1 Secret on How to improve the Relationship with Your Partner

One year ago or so I came across the Book “Hold me tight” through reading an article in the Psychology Today. It’s a fantastic book explaining what it is we truly look for in relationships and how it comes that we keep fighting about the same things 10 years into our Marriage. This is the kind of literature epic Marriages are made of - I can only recommend it.

I’m a big believer in working on yourself to be the best Partner you can be. Similar to how you treat your car, you wouldn’t wait until the car crash to check up on it and make sure it’s running well. We all know Relationships take work and if we don’t consistently put effort in it, bad Habits and Negativity grow like weeds in your Garden.

It was through the Book “Hold me tight” that I learned one big Secret that all Relationships have in common: At the most basic level we all just want to be needed. It doesn’t matter what your recent argument was about or what happened the other night - in the end each of us wants to know that our partner needs us. Make sure you communicate to your Partner that he or she is needed in order to fulfill your Life. Their existence should make a difference to you and it is your responsibility to communicate that. So whenever anything positive or negative is happening in my own relationship, I think back to that piece of advice and sure enough - it applies. Struggles start happening when we think we are not needed and our presence does not make a positive difference.

Do you show your partner he or she makes a difference? Does your Partner know he or she is needed? Is there anything you could do to show them?

Tuesdays are the perfect day for attention and little gifts because they are completely unexpected. A post-it with a lovely message, a flower or a surprise Breakfast in bed tomorrow. Remember the old saying: “If you need a friend, be a friend”? The same applies for relationships. If you want attention and little signs of love, give those generously. 

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