Monday, July 9, 2012

How to get different Results at work and home

A Fresh Start for Monday: How to get different Results at work and home

Monday is a great time to reboot and celebrate the Opportunity to find new solutions for old Problems. We dread Mondays because we’re afraid of the Challenges ahead of us. You'll notice sometimes the reason challenges exist is because we haven’t learned the right skill yet to avoid them.

A great Phrase when it comes to getting Results is:
In order to get different results you need to act differently.

Often forgotten, we keep trying the same arguments at work and home, hoping that our family and co-workers finally understand us. How many times have you given up on family members or co-workers because they simply don’t understand the necessity of what you’re saying? We keep making the same points in discussions and we try the same approach with everyone we talk to. In order to get different results you need to try different approaches. Each person works differently, being motivated by different things. In order to influence people, you need to find out what already influences them.

95% of all problems are caused by people
. That’s why the old saying exists, that in life it seems all our Problems talk back at us. Miscommunication is not only frustrating, but also immensely time consuming. Once misunderstood, it takes time to remedy the misunderstanding both at home or work. Instead of giving up on finding solutions, this week think about new ways you could approach challenges differently. Sometimes it takes trying 2 or 3 different approaches until you know how to reach others - however then that solution is your insight forever.

Look at your work and private life - how often do you try the same approach with people around you? Who are you giving up on with certain frustrations? How often do you use the same argument or make the same point? Where do you think you are entrenched in one way of communicating?

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