Wednesday, July 4, 2012

5 Steps to an unforgettable Independence Day!

Happy Holiday everyone! Here are some steps that will make this holiday an unforgettable Family experience!

1.) Stay hydrated throughout the day - drink at least one gallon of water, plus 2 additional glasses if you plan on drinking alcohol. How much did you drink today?

2.) Since it’s a holiday, our whole family comes together and sometimes this gets stressful. Know that thoughts which are emotionalized, magnify. When you get wrapped up in one negative event, you’ll start thinking about other experiences and before you know it, you’ll be frustrated and upset. Stop yourself when you get into the negative circle and choose to concentrate on something else - your mind can only focus on one thing at a time! What do you want to focus on?

3) Make your family and your close relationships a priority.
Holidays are the time where you show your partner and children that family time is a priority to you. You can always catch up with friends and clients later, however your family is what creates your well-being and your intimacy. Are you making your family important?

4) Talk less and listen more:
When you are around others, the best way to improve the relationship with your children, your partner and your other close relationships is to listen more and talk less. Sometimes we get into states where we’re so excited to share or busy to run around that we miss what other’s tell us. Instead of waiting until they stop talking so you can start sharing - really listen to what others say and maybe even what they don’t say. People give us so much insight into their troubles, nature and hopes. Make today a day where you listen intensively and ask questions. There’s no better way to make someone else important than to ask questions. “So what specifically made you upset with him?”, “What exactly do you mean, when you say you got stressed out?”, “What specifically do you love about that?” You will be surprised about the information you get and you gave someone else the gift of listening to them. Who could you listen to today?

5) Choose to be happy by making this day a time to remember magical memories with your close ones. Choose to think about the positive and focus on what you love most. The first law of nature is that what we focus on grows - what emotions do you want to grow?

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