Friday, July 13, 2012

Time Management Class Series Part 1

In this Time Management Class Series we will learn in depth about the frequent Reasons for bad Time Management. If you are reading this, you are obviously someone who takes Action and wants to improve their Work-Life Balance. Time Management is really nothing else than a fancy word for learning the Tools to get your Projects done quickly so you can spend more Time on what’s important to you. Anyone can learn to manage time effectively. If you pass up the chance to learn Time Management, you are destined to spend too much time on what doesn't matter and not enough on what improves the Quality of your Life.

You may notice when you go through your day many people will say “I don’t have time for this” or “there are simply not enough hours in the day”. Contrary to popular belief it is not the lack of Time that holds us back, it is the inability to manage our Time effectively. Once you learn the right tools and establish the right Habits, you will have more Time than ever before to spend on whichever hobbies or tasks you would like to be better at.

So what are the usual reasons for us to lack Time?

Here are the 10 frequent Timethiefs:

1. Telephone
2. Meetings
3. Bad Habits
4. Other Employees/Friends dropping by the office
5. Inability to set Priorities
6. Crisis at home/work
7. Slow Tempo
8. Lack of Decision-making Skills
9. Procrastination 
10. Stumbling into Your Day

Each one of those elements or a combination thereof could be the Reason for your Lack of Time. By learning the tools and improving your habits you will get to put more time toward the Goals that are important to you. You will get to take the Yoga Classes you always wanted to take, go to the Movie Theatre when you want to, learn the new Language, take more Vacation, loose the additional Pounds or simply have the time to read the Books you always wanted to read. Whatever you’ve been putting off - you will have the Chance to take up.

The next 10 Blogposts will give you Tools, Exercises and Insights into better Time Management for each of the Timethiefs we listed here.

What are the Timethiefs you are struggling with most? Which one would you like to improve? What would you spend your Time on if you had 2-4 hours more in the Day?

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