Monday, April 30, 2012

How to find the Best Answer to your Problems

Here is the perfect exercise to find the best answer to the questions and problems you need to solve.

First you need to make the best constructive question possible out of the problem or struggle you are currently facing. Great questions start with “How can I...” since it is an open-ended version which will enable you to get the most variety of answers.

Examples: “How can I find more time to myself?”, “How can I find more quality time with my children/partner?”, “How can I find more clients in this area?”

Once you have a question, write it on top of the paper and then force yourself to come up with 20 answers to this question.

The first 3-5 answers will come easily but then you will have to think more and more about each answer you come up with. Many business people use this successfully and find that the 20th answer is often the best answer to their particular problem.

We don't usually solve problems in this way - instead we get upset and stressed about the difficulties we are facing. If you start using this exercise for yourself, you will find new solutions constantly and improve your feeling of empowerment and control over your life.

During the exercise you will naturally be tempted to stop writing when it becomes harder to create answers but it is absolutely essential that you come up with 20 answers for your question. Treat it like a game and you will be astonished what you come up with.

This exercise works great because you will think in more constructive ways about your challenge, you will start to creatively find ways to solve an issue, you will have 20 different solutions and find out for yourself what works best. It is the perfect way to push your brain to be creative, solution-oriented and sharp.

Why don't you give it a try today? All you need is a problem, a pen and a paper!

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