Tuesday, June 5, 2012

1 Secret on how to find the perfect Partner and bring Happiness into your Relationship

Finding the perfect partner or bringing more happiness into your relationship is much easier than you would think and it only takes one distinct action. The secret I am about to share with you can make the difference in what partner you will find and how happy your relationship can be.

The simple truth is that you will find the perfect partner only to the degree that you are balanced in yourself. Most of us try to find the perfect relationship because we want to feel loved and happy. We want to feel loved and happy because we are incapable to fill ourselves with love and happiness. So we wander around looking for someone else to give us the exact feelings we have never learned to give ourselves. But who wants to be with someone to can’t even manage to love themselves? Certainly not stable happy individuals, which is why there are so many unhappy relationships. Both partners hoped for the other one to bring happiness, but neither ever learned to even bring happiness or appreciation to themselves.

If you don’t show true love to yourself and you are unhappy where you are at, all you will signalize to those around you is that you want them to fill your void. No one with a sound confident personality wants to be there just to fill the lack of love in our life - certainly not the kind of dream partner we are hoping for. We all want to be cherished for who we are, not what happiness we can bring to someone else. Happiness is not a goal, it is a by-product of a genuine exchange and appreciation.

If we hate to be alone or are frustrated about being in the wrong relationship it is your emergency alarm signal to start loving yourself. Write down all the things you would do for someone you love and start doing them for yourself every day. Cook a nice meal for yourself, take yourself for a walk, appreciate your own strengths, etc.. Once you know how to make yourself completely happy, you will be guaranteed to be fortunate enough to find other happy people and your relationships will be rich, happy and exciting - a true exchange.

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