Monday, June 4, 2012

1 Simple Trick on how to love your work

Let’s face it - for most of us work is often hassle, stress and frustration. If it’s not disagreeing with the boss, it’s being under- or overqualified for assignments. Most of us spend several hours a week getting upset with work-related situations causing us stress and health-related challenges.

Here is one trick on how to turn our situation around, giving you more control about those times of challenge:

See yourself as self-employed

As simple as it is true: You never work for anyone else in your life. A person might write you a check for your great work but you truly only work for yourself in life. Truthfully your boss is your biggest client. If you constantly see yourself as self-employed and you treat your supervisor like your No 1 client you will eventually feel more in control, productive and empowered.
We get frustrated when we feel out of control. When we are empowered we are creative, productive and have the humor to endure even the toughest situations.

The worst thing you can do is perform poorly in a job you are overqualified for. You will not only show everyone around you that you are unable to perform simpler tasks, you will also be dissatisfied with yourself. We strive to feel pride in the actions we take. The more pride you take in your work, the more you see yourself as your own agent no matter which job you currently hold, the more you will show people around you how qualified you are.

We live in the world we paint for ourselves. For every time you tell yourself you are out of control, that you work for someone else or you are worth more than the job you are doing - you set yourself up for failure. Whatever you do, see yourself as self-employed and take pride in the work you are doing. This will continuously lead to actions that reinforce your own pride and value to yourself.

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