Friday, June 15, 2012

Find out the one critical determinant to Your Success

In Leadership development literature it’s often been called the most critical determinant to your success in business and in life: How much you like yourself.

How much you like yourself makes all the difference in your behavior, your choice of relationships and the challenges you take on at work. Think about it: when you like yourself you feel comfortable with who you are. We all know that when we are proud of ourselves, we act with confidence, certainty and have little fear of rejection. The more you like yourself, the higher your self-concept is. The higher  your self-concept is, the less you have self-limiting ideas and beliefs. Self-limiting beliefs are the assumptions we make once we failed once or twice in an area of life.

Most obstacles in life can be overcome when psychological obstacles of perceived limitations change. When we are at our best, we have the humor, strength and flexibility to overcome struggle. When we are at our worst, we fear the failure, rejection and believe we are out of control. Your mind-set makes all the difference during adversity. Liking yourself, who you have become and who you set yourself to be, influences every single decision you make and the opportunities you recognize.

Do you like yourself? Do you like who you set yourself out to be?

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