Monday, June 11, 2012

1 Trick on how to quickly change your negative Thinking

If we know it or not - we all have limiting beliefs in different areas of our lives.

Whenever you make an assumption or draw a conclusion after a negative experience, there is a great chance that your beliefs changed. Therefore you consistently develop new beliefs that are holding you back. Contrary to your beliefs, your circumstances are rarely the problem - your conclusions are. Negative beliefs determine the choices you make, the way you behave in your relationship, the kind of life you hope to have and the goals you allow yourself to have. That’s why it is so crucial to know yourself better than you ever have before.

There are several techniques that help you change your negative thinking, however one of the most basic and easy ones is Observation. For this next week stop and observe your own state whenever it comes to your mind. Your thoughts are constantly running without your knowledge. Observe the ways in which you react to your environment and realize when there’s a negative thought or behavior coming up. Don’t argue or get upset - instead just observe yourself, your thoughts and your behavior.

We make conclusions and assumptions all day long so you will have many occasions and opportunities to observe. Just knowing how you react will give you great insight and might surprise you. Most of you know that we constantly run on auto-pilot when we’re driving to work, talking to people or behave consistent with our other habits. Our auto-pilot is the reason that we are not consciously of our thoughts and decisions. Start observing our inner world and you will realize what’s holding you back.

Are you aware that you run on auto-pilot? Are you sometimes zoning out on your way to work? How aware are you of your thoughts and decisions? 

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