Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How to quickly change out of an unresourceful state

We all have unresourceful states that hold us back at times. For some people it is frustration, for others it’s anger, fear, stress or resignation for example. Those states hold us back when they influence the decisions we make and how we treat the people around us or ourselves. Making changes to more constructive mind-sets is easy and works for everyone - here's how:

The quick trick to changing your state is catching yourself when you realize that it’s not helping you right now. When you realize you're getting to your unresourceful state, you can make the fastest difference by changing your posture and the language you're using. Your mindset is connected to a specific posture and language. Do you remember a time you were able to see someone is feeling down simply by how they talk and carry themselves? We attribute specific body posture and language pattern to the mindsets we have. Changing the posture and language therefore changes the state you're in.

When you change the way you talk and the way you use your body, you will find yourself unable to remain in the negative state. For example when your unresourceful state is anger, then once you take your shoulders back, breath deeper and change the tone of your voice, you will be unable to remain angry. Simply because your mindset is so connected to your pattern of language and posture, you can change the way you feel at any time.

This is the fastest way to take back control over how you are feeling and realize the way your shoulders could be hunched over when you feel down and low for example. Changes like this can happen in an instant and help you feel empowered at any point.

What is your unresourceful state? How do you carry yourself and how do you talk?

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