Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What not to say if you want to take control of Your Life

One phrase that keeps you from taking control right now is “then it wasn’t meant to be”....
Whether you realize it or not, this is the ultimate excuse to detaching yourself from your goals, discarding your hopes and pulling back your resources of time and persistence.

Maybe you are one of the many who hope that things fall into place and the universe brings you what you are looking for. Faith is a wonderful trait that can help you believe in possibilities which might be invisible to you right now. At the same time, faith without action is almost certain failure. Faith exists to give you persistence to act and the courage to stand up for yourself. Too often we use faith as a crutch so we don’t have to take responsibility for our actions. When saying “it wasn’t meant to be...” we contribute current setbacks to ominous signs and take away any possibility of success through persistence.

Instead of hoping for your dreams to come to you, you need to at least proof to yourself your dream is real enough for you to pursue it. Only if you start taking action toward  your Goals, circumstances can fall into place to help you. Reward can only follow if you take responsibility and act. No matter if you believe in God, the Universe or simply human potential - you are here with the resources you need in order to take action. Instead of hoping that the Universe or God will make all your dreams come true, you were given the freedom and courage to act in the name of what you believe in. Faith will help you to persist and new resources will come to you.

Be bold and courageous and stand up for what you want to make happen. Setbacks are not there to discourage you, they are there to teach you lessons. Decide now that everything you truly want is meant to be and you will not give up until you are where  you want to be.

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