Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How to quickly get rid of Negativity in Your Life

After some of your recent requests, we will go in depth to the subject of Negativity and how to finally ban it from our lives. John Kehoe, the author of “Mind Power”, has in my eyes best captured the subject of Negativity.

“Negatives only have power if you react to them.” John Kehoe

How true! Your negative thoughts only have power over you if you react to them. Therefore you can decide to dismiss your thought at any point. We only start getting frustrated if we entertain the destructive thoughts which make us feel out of control of our situation. If we give those thoughts a platform to exist and overpower us, negativity takes over.
Negative thoughts often sound like great truths to us when they enter our mind. No matter if you think about events in your relationship, in your office or when it comes to your body. We start to think “things will never change” or “all hope is lost” or “our job is on the line”. None of those thoughts give you any power to make changes and none of them have any sound evidence to be justified. Still we believe these statements without hesitation. Start training your awareness when your thought is negative or a wild generalization such as “always”, “every time” or “never” takes place. Negative generalizations should become your disclaimer that your thought is destructive and unrealistic.

You can only think of one thing at a time. When you see a negative thought or generalization coming, label it and replace it by an opposing view. Never reason with your negative thoughts, never excuse them or encourage. The moment you stop entertaining negativity it will leave your life.
Make the decision each day to dismiss negativity. For every situation of adversity, train yourself to see what action you can take to make a change.

How do you deal with negative thoughts? Are you aware of the negative generalizations  that enter your mind? Shoot us an email or leave a comment on our Facebook Page!