Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday’s Special: One Food Type to avoid if you want to loose Weight during the Summer

Now that you're so close to the weekend, this might be the perfect post to give you some inspiration for your grocery list...

In a society where everything is labeled to be “natural”, “fresh”, “organic” or “whole grain” it is very difficult to really understand which foods are healthy and help you get in shape. Part of having a healthy happy lifestyle is to have an understanding of how to clean your body. We do know regularly drinking alcohol is the enemy to weight loss and true health, but what is it you truly need to avoid?
If you stop eating the following type of food, you are guaranteed to improve your health and loose weight.

The biggest step to health and fitness is simply start avoiding processed foods that combine fat with sugar.

During a time before food manufacturing companies humans received the most energy out of foods that either provided high fat content or high sugar. We know from experience that foods like avocado or grapefruit can give us energy to better perform in sports. There is no food in nature that has both - high sugar and high fat content, because both together would create a product that's too difficult to process for our bodies.

In today’s world we start producing many different products that are high in fat and sugar which our body has such difficulty digesting that we immediately feel tired and strained. Unfortunately foods that have high sugar and high fat give us such an emotional feeling of bliss that we are naturally drawn to them. The original purpose of sugar or fat was to give us the energy to have higher endurance and greater strength. Too much of both fat and sugar takes away the former benefits and instead of feeling more powerful, we struggle with fatigue. We start retaining the fat and become sick and obese. It is common sense that something unavailable in nature cannot be so beneficial to us.

Stop eating foods that combine high fat and high sugar and you will have made the biggest step toward shedding more pounds and feeling more vitality and fitness.
The foods you eat are fuel for your body so just as important as the books you read to grow your knowledge be aware of the foods you eat to grow your fitness.

What type of high sugar high fat foods are you currently eating? Which ones could you give up over the summer?

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