Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How to motivate Yourself and Others

It is difficult to motivate yourself or others because everyone is motivated by different things, right? Not necessarily.

After some years of research, Anthony Robbins determined 6 human needs that we all strive for. He uses those needs as his primary tool to help clients change and delete old destructive habits. Everyone basically values those six needs, however each of us has 2 primary needs that drive them.

The six needs are:

Which needs motivate you the most? Do you value Security over Variety/Adventure? Do you love to contribute to others or maybe connect to people?

It might take a little contemplation to understand which ones motivate you. Usually you’ll notice that you’re drawn to the same ones whenever you read the list. Once you understood what your two primary needs are, you can find the leverage to change yourself to whatever you wish to be. Lets say you value Growth and Variety the most. Then when you need to work on a certain project, you can focus on those two aspects and find a way to keep variety and growth in the project.
You’ll also notice that while talking to other people, you can hear out what their primary needs are. This will help you understand the motivation of others as much as your own!

So which needs are most important in your life? Are you seeing areas where your drive is fulfilled? What do you think are your friends and family motivated by?

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