Thursday, June 28, 2012

How to rid yourself from Negatives

“It makes no difference to your mind, if you are thinking positive or negative thoughts. It makes all the difference to you.” John Kehoe

There is a distinct difference I notice when asking individuals what they wish for in their Future. The ones who usually reach their Goals know what it is they want. The ones who have difficulty are usually people who focus more on what they don’t want.

When you think about what it is you want, you usually notice thinking of a picture or idea of what it would look like. When you think about what you don’t want, all you can picture is the negative scenario. This just creates more of a negative rut and brings your mind back to the elements you want to avoid.

Whatever you look for in life - you’ll get what you concentrate on most. Everything grows with the attention we give to it. The more focus and attention we put toward goals and tasks, the more successful they turn out.

Therefore thinking of things you want to avoid will just give you more to avoid. So no matter if you want to loose weight, improve your relationships or get a promotion - shape your Goals in terms of what it is you want your ideal to look like.

Your mind doesn’t know the difference between a positive thought and a negative one. So you when you think about how you don’t want to be overweight anymore, or you don’t want to fight with your partner any more - all you think about is being overweight and fighting with your partner. A positive vision of a healthy ideal or healthy relationship is all it takes for you to know what you want and build the motivation.



How do you think of what it is you want in life? Do you think a lot of what you don’t want? How do you formulate your Goals in your thoughts?

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