Friday, April 20, 2012

The Difference Between Success And Failure

The clear difference between the motivation for constructive vs. destructive behavior is only the focus we have. It is a simple truth but if you can get yourself to shift the focus and include the following tips, you will see a difference in  your own results.

For successful people the focus is on the outcome - Failure happens when we focus on the process it takes to get there. If you would like to have a goal, get specific about what this goal looks like and the steps you need to take.

Once you have a goal and you know the steps you need to take on a continual basis, don’t focus on the pain it takes to make each step, but instead look for the pleasure and exciting feelings you will feel once you reach your outcome.


When you save money each month, stop thinking about the things you can’t buy because of it and start focusing on what you will be able to achieve and have once you reach your monetary goal.

In order to build muscle or lose weight you need to continually work out. Most people hesitate about working out because they think of how painful and uncomfortable it is to go to the gym and work out. You will be more successful if you think about the lightness you’ll feel, the excitement of persistence and the pride in yourself.

Start visualizing the way you want to feel, and then you’ll do what it takes in order to get there. 

Visualizing is most powerful if you can engage all  your senses: If you think about  your outcome, no matter if it is health related, monetary etc - visualize  your specific goal and think about how it will look, what you will hear and feel and maybe even smell or taste. The more vivid the vision becomes, the more powerful it is and the more draw you will feel toward getting to your goal. Let yourself be swept off  your feet by the vision of an amazing outcome!

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