Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Power of Self-Talk

Self-talk is probably one of the most limiting factors to your life. The chatting voice that tells you about the things you should worry about, the fears you can’t forget and the risks you shouldn’t take decreases the quality of your life every day.
Taking the following phrase out of your self-talk vocabulary will instantly improve the way you look at things and the opportunities you are willing to take on:

“...might as well..”

It indicates that you have resigned yourself to one path, so you “might as well” resign yourself to other negative consequences. Instead of pushing yourself up after one failure or wrong path, we tell ourselves we “might as well” be in this position for another day, month or year. Resignation is the top reason for failure as it is the backbone of stagnation.

“I’ve already wasted half a day googling around and watching Youtube videos, so I might as well continue until tomorrow.”
“I guess I already started the box of chocolates, so I might as well eat the rest.”

Stop yourself from settling for a "might as well" life.
Train yourself to say "Cancel" to yourself as soon as you think "might as well". Your brain is in constant dialogue and the word cancel can literally delete preceding thoughts. You will realize that this makes it much easier to move on and set your sight on your goals again.

Truth of the matter is, you are lying to yourself by finding excuses to not do something useful / continue on a bad path. You tell yourself you’ll change tomorrow, but then tomorrow never comes. What counts is the changes you start today, because if you found an excuse to be stuck today, you’ll find another one tomorrow. The less you’ll act on your need to change, the more you’ll feel stuck, out of control and insecure. Do something for your goal today. Resist temptations just today and tell yourself just for today you will stick to your plan.
One of the inspirational affirmations the AA use is: "Be good, just for today." It is very powerful because if you can manage to be determined and follow through today, you wake up with a sense of empowerment that makes you want to go one.

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