Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to build Determination Muscle

Determination is the only difference between victory and defeat.

Determination makes us persistent and gives us the drive to get up in the morning and decide to work for our success. Your success will never depend on one single degree or financial freedom, yet that’s mostly what people focus on. True victory comes from the determination of wanting something badly and going the extra mile to get it.
It’s a great feeling to know you are determined to reach your goal and that nothing can hold you back. It not only makes you like yourself more, but also liberates you from the fear that something could stop you.

In order to become determined and reach your goals you need to focus on two things:

First you need to decide for yourself that you will not give up, that you will not stop until you reach a certain goal, no matter what. You understand adversity and setbacks will happen but you decide right now that none of those things will prevent you from your success.

Then you need to actively build your determination muscle, starting small. Set little goals for yourself and make sure to reach each one. If you have trouble with the progress of one goal, ask the people around you to hold you accountable. Accountability is huge when it comes to progress because undeniably you will work harder.

Slowly but surely you will hold yourself accountable and you will like that you are a person who persists and goes on to reach what he or she wants.
There will be times where you will be forced to increase your motivation and persistence because failure is natural and will occur. Failure will give you the Feedback to understand how to progress.
Determination itself is the ability to go for it and get back up if the inevitable adversity hits.
That’s why there is no goal too small in the beginning stages of building up determination. Small goals will get you excited and at the same time force you to deal with setbacks constructively. Yet those small goals help you understand how persistence feels like and you can get hungry for bigger and more challenging goals.

You will only become a determined person if you yourself believe you can make a difference with your actions.
In the end it’s worth it: determination is a very admirable, attractive quality because it is an expression of your inner strength and fosters natural authentic confidence.

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