Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why your language will become your destiny

Even though we know how to speak since we were infants and our vocabulary grows steadily, most of us rarely pay attention to the effect our words have on us. We naturally use phrases that limit us and are unaware of the power words have.

Here are a few examples on how you limit ourselves with your language:

By using phrases like “I can’t...”, “I have to....” or “I wish..”  we constantly tell ourselves we are not in control of our lives. Just by using those simple words, we make sure that we know circumstances are out of our hand and we are victims to our environment. When saying “I wish...” we communicate our hopes in a way that says we wish for it but know it will never happen.
Feeling out of control like this just reinforces our lack of well-being and tells our sub-conscious how we’ll never achieve what it is we want. This in turn will become our destiny because what we learned early on is to always behave consistently with our beliefs.

One of the worst phrases to use is “I’ll try”. “I’ll try” means you are excusing your own failure in advance. When you say “I’ll try” you tell others and yourself that trying does not mean much for you because you’ll likely to fail. It shows a lack of commitment to making a decision and at the same time it signals a fear of having to produce a result. By using “I’ll try” you don’t only show others your lack of commitment, but you also put yourself down.

Like an addiction, you’ll use those phrases more and more once you started because truthfully it is easier not to commit and to show yourself that you are not in control of your circumstances as they happen.

All of the above examples keep us from taking personal responsibility from each of our choices. 
Make a decision to stop any limiting language right now. Remind yourself to change your language in ways that is constructive and shows your own personal power to take responsibility for your choices. Evaluate your words wisely and make sure to communicate to yourself and others what is in your control and how you make your choices.
“Never say anything about yourself that you don’t sincerely want to be true!” 
 Brian Tracy

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