Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Secrets about admiration and jealousy

Admiration and jealousy are actually very closely related and there is only one difference between one and the other: Admiration you feel when you aspire to someones circumstances and you feel inspired to become just like that. Jealousy means you unconsciously believe you can’t have it and therefore become negative. 


So the next time you become jealous, ask yourself what story are you telling yourself? Is that actually true? 

Admiration can become your best friend because it shows  you what you want to be. When you feel like you are admiring someone, find as much out of them as you can and make it your role model. What do they believe in? Who do they want to be? It is your biggest asset to surround yourself with the people you admire most. You will not only have higher expectations on life, but also yourself.

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