Monday, April 2, 2012

Quick and easy ways to avoid afternoon fatigue and SAVE THE DAY

As many know, afternoon fatigue can destroy any motivation and ruin a day.  

We don't usually know what hits us until one yawn follows the other and the letters on the screen start blurring together while we daydream about a nap somewhere at home. Most don't know where afternoon fatigue comes from, or that there are easier ways to prevent it than drinking coffee or buying on of those ominous energy promising little energy drinks.

In the following I'll point out some sources of afternoon fatigue and then suggest easy ways to stay motivated and fit the whole day. You'll know it works when its 8 pm and you've stayed on and productive since you got up in the morning.
Here are some reasons you might experience afternoon fatigue:

- not enough water
- your metabolism didn’t have a chance to start up,
- you had a heavier lunch ( lots of meat, carbs, dairy or sugar),
- avid dreaming can prevent you to feel rested,

Most of the time it is a heavy lunch or the lack of exercise which leaves  you sleepy in the afternoon.
Instead of piling on addictive stimulants such as caffeine, try a healthy lunch that mainly consists of salad w/ vinaigrette or soup. You'll be surprised how a light lunch will affect your motivation for the rest of the day.
Avoid as much carbs, meat, sugar as possible since those take the most time and work to digest. While your stomach scrambles for energy to digest the chunk of meat, you'll be the one suffering/yawning.
Drink a glass of water each hour at least and see if you can get up early to exercise. Drinking water is also a big help when you experience migraine attacks.
Instead of your daily coffee, experiment with black teas with milk, green teas (which are alkalizing and full of powerful antioxidants).

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