Friday, April 13, 2012

One book that will show you what YOU’RE best at!

Today I'd like to share with you the book I recommend to anyone I begin working with: the Strengthsfinder. 
  Mostly used as a tool for managers in the world of Executive Coaching, this book opened my world four years ago and showed my where I should put my career focus.

Not only that, this book will show you your individual strengths in a way that is transferable into your private family and relationship world. The book offers a test which will show you your top 5 strengths with additionally leading you to a customized action plan to expand and learn more about what you’re best at.

Its an eye-opener, empowering and insightful.

Humans have the inherent ability of focusing what we lack in instead of what it is that we exceed on. Recent studies have shown it is 5 times more difficult to improve a weakness than advance a strength.

A group of scientists came together and evaluated after years of research what the 34 signature strengths are being displayed by successful people. The thesis is that focusing on improving your strengths will be far more productive and looking at the weaknesses.

Taking the strengths test is empowering and insightful, because you’ll be surprised what it is you can do and feel good because we tend to be so occupied by our faults as supposed to the potential.

I like to use it as a beginning to a coaching relationship and to show individuals what they can do and how they can apply their own strong suit to their day to day situations.

So if there’s one book recommendation to make, it is this book. Its a great start on the journey of understanding yourself, what you bring to the table and where your potential lies!

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