Thursday, May 24, 2012

10 Reasons to give to Yourself

Many of us grow up in a culture where we learn to focus on giving more to our family, job or friends than we give to ourselves. 

Even though selflessness is a valuable virtue, too much sacrifice on your cost can get you to places of Misery and Resentment. The more you give, the more you resent others that you come last in the buffet line of life. It is truly easy to become a martyr to the roles in your life. Giving others brings fulfillment but with time you forget to also give to yourself and you might start to think you don't matter as much. Forgetting  yourself builds the belief that you have to put yourself down to build up others.

On the contrary if you give to yourself and increase your self-esteem, you will have the resilience and strength to give to the people around you. Giving yourself time, love and rewards you can feel good about is just as important as giving those elements to others. When you are fulfilled it is easy to bring happiness and fulfillment to others. 

If you still doubt that you should focus on yourself at times, here are ten reasons that will convince you to do what it takes:

1. When you give to yourself, you acknowledge that you matter.

2. Giving to yourself will increase your self-esteem and pride.

3. When you give to yourself, you like and respect yourself which in turn makes it easy to establish boundaries with the people around you.

4. Giving to yourself will be a sign of your self-love which is necessary to love others. You will only be able to love others to the degree that you love yourself. Sometimes we also seek more love from partnership and family because we fail to truly love ourselves.

5. When you give to yourself you acknowledge that sometimes - just sometimes - it is all about you and your health.

6. You show your children and the people around you that taking care of yourself is an important priority in life.

7. You focus on your own needs and discover what it is you need to be happy. This makes it easier for you to ask for help if you need it.

8. When you give to yourself you establish the belief that you are not less nor more important than anyone else in your life.

9. Giving to yourself will erase the resentment you feel about not feeling important.

10. When you give to yourself you can be by yourself and feel great about the company without feeling lonely or needing to fill the silence.

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