Monday, May 14, 2012

How to build Intuition

“The only real valuable thing is intuition” Albert Einstein

“Often you have to rely on intuition” Bill Gates

Intuition is the capacity to hear your inner voice which points you to the right direction. Companies and major life decisions have been built purely based on intuition. The former owner of the company Sony used to make his business decisions with intuition just through listening on his gut-feeling when it comes to making one choice or another. Intuition is based on the child-like faith that you your gut feeling is as valid as any one reason can be.

We all have intuition, however many of us feel our intuition is weak or non-existent when we need it.

So how to we foster our inner voice, especially if it has been so silent? 
The first step is to listen in on your inner gut feeling and tendencies concerning any type of situation. We rarely listen to ourselves which is why our inner voice becomes smaller and smaller until we don’t hear it any more.
If we don’t give a voice to our inner gut feeling it will become a whisper. On the contrary the more we listen to ourselves and honor our thoughts, the stronger the voice becomes until everything in you shouts you into the right direction.
The more you listen in on what it is that you truthfully feel, the more you will hear your voice. The more you act upon your thoughts, the more you will naturally receive the direction you need. We think we can lie to yourselves and get away but truthfully we ourselves always know when we deny ourselves something.

If there is something you want for yourself, give it appropriate meaning instead of ignoring it. Your own impulse to act is your intuition directing you. Honoring your inner voice means you are honoring yourself and your thoughts. Women often learned early to put other people first. This leads to ignoring your own hopes, thoughts and impulse for the sake of others which can lead to stagnation, emptiness and bitterness.
The individuals who made the biggest difference in the world were the ones who were aligned and connected with themselves, honoring their own inner world. It helped them to instinctively go into the right direction and make the best decisions.

Do you listen to your own impulse and gut feeling? Do you have a strong inner voice that guides you to make the best decision?

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  1. This is my first time i visit here. I found so many entertaining stuff in your blog, especially its discussion. INTUITION

  2. Thanks Ben, I'm glad its entertaining! let me know if there's things you want to see more of!