Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quick and Easy Ways to reach your Goals

Even though we all enjoy having Goals for ourselves, we are often afraid that it might take too much Persistence to get what it is we want. 
Goals are great - but what do you do to reach in them and make it reality? Here are two ways that I found helpful in the department of quick and easy Persistence Support:

Decide: When you set a Goal for yourself you need to consciously make a decision. Decide right now that no matter what will happen, you will never give up. Road blocks, obstacles, setbacks will be natural. Whatever it is that might make it difficult, you will never ever give up and always keep going. It is quite easy to take a minute and make this decision but it will have an amazing effect on your outlook and your future set of actions.
To make this decision is both liberating and also a Determination boost. We rarely make the conscious decision, so excuses and distractions happen easier. If you take a moment and tell yourself you decide to never give up, you feel encouraged, determined and proud. Then, when obstacles hit, you take them for what they are - nothing more than another lesson that helps you understand what it is you need to do to succeed.

2.Visualize: Another way to quickly build Persistence and Determination is to visualize your Goal. Whatever it is you want to reach, make it a detailed picture or movie in your minds eye. How would the future situation look like? What would you do, say, wear, have, once you reached your goal? Paint a picture of your future success and make it vivid. Get excited and emotional about your future Goal - the more detailed and vivid your Goal is, the more you know what you work for. This will make your Goal real and tangible. If you visualize, you never loose track of what it is you want. Visualizing takes about 3-5 minutes and is both easy and exciting to do. Without visualizing we get distanced from the goals we set because we never have a true idea of how it would look like to get what it is you want. Your mind is amazing in that it can simulate experiences and interpret your goals in a way that shows you what a successful future for you would look like. Be sure to visualize and this will give you the extra strength and power you need in order to work the extra mile for what it is you want.

So make sure to decide that you will keep on going no matter what happens. Also relax and get creative about the visual interpretation of your goal. When you close your eyes, see the people, objects, nature or whatever it is you would have once you reached your goal. Again, the more vivid and detailed, the more powerful the visualization process is. All those are tools and resources you can use to build your persistence and determination. Truthfully, if you properly set your goals and keep refocusing on them as you go along, you are  already more than halfway there.

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