Monday, May 21, 2012

10 Reasons to write down Goals for Yourself

Setting Goals for yourself has so many advantages, however fear of rejection or failure often hold us back. So we keep wishing for a better future and live “with the flow” come what may. We wait for good things to happen to us but don’t want to force the issue in case our hopes are not met.
The challenge here is that having a general idea of your future will never get you anywhere close to a quality of life you desire. Zig Ziglar once said “You can’t hit a target you don’t have see and you will especially never hit a target you don’t have”. Without setting Goals, you will live forever in the world of “I wish”s  or “I could have”s.
If you want to live a life where you are proud of yourself and you wake up excited about your life, you need to start thinking about what specifically it is you want for yourself. Set your decisions in life on purpose and align your choices with the great Goals you have for yourself - because you decide your life is worth it.

In order to get you sold, here are 10 reasons for you to write down Goals for yourself so that you understand the necessity and need to start writing your Goals down right now.

1. Because an unwritten Goal will never be more than a thought, where a written Goal is a decision.

2. Written Goals will give your life direction.

3. Because you can’t hit a target you don’t have.

4. Written Goals give you a sense of purpose and open your eyes to opportunities and  possible actions.

5. A written Goal liberates you because you put action to hope.

6. When you write down your Goals you acknowledge a dream to yourself.

7. A written Goal is the first step to a positive turn around from negative Self-Talk.

8. Writing down your Goals sets you apart from the rest of society who live in the world of "I wish" or "I should have".

9. Because you want to live your life with a specific idea of how great it will be versus a general thought on what you want to happen to you. No one who ever achieved great Goals by just running into it.

10. Because determination makes all the difference between success and failure and you can’t have determination without a Goal to work toward.

Write your Goals on a Flashcard, circle the Goal that makes the biggest overall improvement on your life and look at it every day. The first hour and the last hour of the day are the ones you are the most connected, calm and relaxed. Those are the times  to look at your Goals, visualize what it would look like and take one action each day (however big or small) toward your Goal.

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