Friday, May 4, 2012

One Skill that can change Everything

Today ask yourself the question: “What would be the one Skill that, if I learned and mastered it, would make the biggest improvement on my Life right now?”

Whatever Skill comes to your mind - you should write it down in detail.

This is the Skill you should put your whole heart into from now on. Do whatever you need to to become a student of this Skill and educate and train yourself until you are excellent at it.

We usually know the Skills we need to acquire, but this exercise will help you to think specifically about the one ability that would create the biggest improvement to YOUR life. It could be anything from Time Management to learning a Language, learning a particular Management Skill or anything else you could possible imagine.

So write down your one Skill and do what you need in order to train it everyday at least a little bit. You will be amazed how this one Skill truly does make the biggest difference and how it makes the training you put in very worth while.

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