Thursday, May 3, 2012

5 Ways to overcome Negativity

The reason we feel negative is usually because we believe something is out of our control. There’s a situation at work or home that we find particularly hard to accept. This can be because we’re unhappy with our own behavior or the behavior of others around us. At any rate we give a situation more meaning than it should have.

Here are 5 Ways to overcome Negativity in your Life:

1) Own your own negativity by accepting that you have a choice to change your own state. Think about your negativity and check in with yourself: what are you telling yourself? What would you have to believe to feel this way right now?
2) Take pen and paper and write down 5 things you appreciate right now. Appreciation and negativity are such opposite feelings that you will not be able to stay negative if you find something to truly appreciate.
3) Take a moment and think: What is good about this situation? The most successful people always find at least one way in which adversity can be turned into an opportunity.
4) Do something nice for someone else. You are never the only one who feels negative. You give something more meaning than it has in reality, so help someone else turn their day around and it will make you feel better too!
5) Imagine the worst-case scenario related to your negativity and resolve to accept it as a possibility. Once you accepted it, what could you do the keep the worst case from happening?
6) Create your own positive space by remembering a memory where you felt calm, relaxed and happy. Slow down your breathing, take your shoulders back, close your eyes for a minute and think back to the memory. 

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