Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to make Your Weekend last

For most of us our weekend usually races by without us actually enjoying it. When Friday comes around we can’t wait to spend the family time but then the next moment it is Sunday and we were unable to relax and regain our strength.

There are eight techniques on how to better enjoy your weekend so that Monday comes around and you feel ready to start your next week. Here are my favorite ways of making a weekend last:

1. Don’t use your weekend for Chores:
Instead of putting off errands to the weekend, make sure you take care of smaller chores throughout the week so you can truly rest Saturday and Sunday. The whole weekend can get lost to little unnecessary tasks which could have been resolved in 5 minutes on Monday evening. If you commit to cleaning and grocery shopping 20 minutes each workday, you will have 60% more time to relax on the weekend.

2. Stay away from the Time Holes: Watching TV or surfing the internet will often turn into hours of lost time that you don't remember nor truly enjoy. Be aware that you loose an average of 8 hours each weekend by getting lost in a screen. Try one weekend without looking at any one screen and you will be amazed by the amount of rest you get - most people who try this don’t even know what to do with all the time they have which is a great problem to have. Think about all the time you could have to truly enjoy whats important in your life no matter if it is nature, sports, growth, literature, art or friendships. If you would use all the time in front of screens to learn a new language, you could be fluent in 8 months. When we look at screens, our muscles are still somewhat tensed and our mind is not at ease - so make sure to give yourself the recovery you need.

3. Exercise both Saturday and Sunday:
By creating fun active activities or playing a sport you will turn on your blood circulation and release feelings of stress and tenseness. Then you will be able to better enjoy the rest of your day - you will feel vibrant and at ease. Time that you have previously spent on Facebook can be used for getting your blood pressure up which will in turn make you sleep so much deeper.

4. Treat yourself to 8 hours of Sleep and make sure to fall asleep before 11 pm to get the maximum deep sleep recovery: Many people don’t watch when they go to bed which will result in restlessness and lack of energy the next day. Also be aware that watching any tv before sleep will impact your quality of sleep - if you want to stop any tenseness and negativity make sure to turn off our tv at least 2 hours before you go to bed.

5. Have an Hour of Silence on your Weekend:
Enjoy an hour of silence where you don’t read, watch tv, listen to music, talk etc. Silence is a treat that will relax your mind and give you the opportunity to digest the overload of information and stimulants you face every day.

6. Be with Yourself: Each weekend you should give yourself a little bit of time to yourself and enjoy it. When we love someone we spend time with them - do the same for yourself. Go out and take a walk just for yourself or schedule a date with yourself where you do something you truly enjoy for 30 minutes to 2 hours. This will make your weekend feel more meaningful.

7. Do something different: Try something new on the weekend. Any activity or exploration you have not tried before will stimulate you in a very positive way, increase your awareness, opportunity to learn and feel excitement.

8. Build Relationships:
Positive relationships increase our well-being. Take some time and get to know a person that is close to you. Be curious and find out more about what shaped them and who they are - you will find elements you were not aware of which  will be fascinating and insightful. There is also no better way to be interesting than to be interested.

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