Thursday, May 31, 2012

One Question that can change your Behavior

While I was working out in the gym this morning I was listening to “The Power of Clarity” by Brian Tracy. He brought up one of my favorite quotes: “What would my family be like if everyone in it was just like me?”

You can replace “family” with “company”, “world” or whatever else you would consider to be a necessary area of improvement. This is a fantastic standard to focus on when you consider your own behavior or the behavior of those around you. If everyone's actions would be like yours, how would your environment be? Our own behavior does have a great effect on the people around us, more so than we think. Especially when it comes  to individuals in our direct family and work environment - we set precedents every day.

How would you act if anything you do would become a universal law? Would your actions change? Almost similar to the golden rule, this question makes you evaluate your own behavior in a new way. Which universal laws would you establish every day?

What would your family be like if everyone acted like you? What kind of company would you work in if everyone was displaying the same behavior you do?

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