Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to quickly find out how your current Life rates

When I start exploring the current life satisfaction of clients, this might be one of the crucial exercises I am using to show individuals the reality of their true situation.

This exercise will show you in a very simple quick way where your mind is going throughout the day and which emotions dominate your life.

Exercise: Take pen and paper and list all the emotions you feel on a regular basis throughout the week.  

Be honest in order to get a true reflection of your life satisfaction. The more honest you are with yourself, the more the exercise will help you.
Once you are done with the list, look at it with an open mind. Those emotions show you what your mind is occupied with and it might also be an insight as to how toxic, negative or positive your live is.

The reasons this exercise is so crucial is because it reveals a basic reality to ourselves. This revelation is necessary for us to recognize that we need to take action and that our quality of life is not what we thought. This exercise does not include excuses for why our emotions are the way they are. It simply shows which feelings are a big part of your current life and then it is up to decide your future choices.

There are hundreds of ways to change our life satisfaction, but in order to start changing we need to confront ourselves with the truth behind our current situation.

Start this exercise now with an honest and open mind - within minutes you will see a pattern appear and understand how your current life rates!

What did you find out? Which emotions stand out to you? Were there any surprises?

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