Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Secrets of Your Potential

What is potential?

When you think of potential most people have a variety of abstract thoughts to the subject. Many find it hard to pin down what potential is made of since it is believed it to be just the general ability to have success.

In my experience potential has a definite formula you can follow to to develop your own capability to be successful. Those are the three factors that make you best at whatever you put your mind into.

enthusiasm + curiosity + determination = potential

Every great success I ever met lived with enthusiasm, curiosity and determination. Any thought leader who made a difference embraced a child-like curiosity paired with the determination to work hard to reach your goals - no matter if it was Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein or anyone else who got lost in the excitement for their work. The enthusiasm gives you the drive to find pleasure in your projects. The curiosity symbolizes the openness to listen to new ideas from every angle possible. Enthusiasm and curiosity are often related to the ability to have faith in a person or new project. People who develop  those abilities are not afraid to care and commit to a journey of knowledge and inspiration. It is Crucial to understand that inspiration is only 20% of a project where the determination to work hard is the other 80%. 

If you start to value enthusiasm, curiosity and determination your will notice your excitement for work and life to grow stronger and your sense of purpose to be deeper.

Start to look for projects that make you enthusiastic and excited and don't be afraid to commit to care. If you are curious, start exploring even the simplest objects or situations. Be determined to follow through and take responsibility beginning to end with any projects you take on.

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