Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to stay excited about your Goals

We all know the feeling of getting really excited about a goal but then months later it seems unattainable. We become frustrated because what we once hoped for might now be out of reach. No matter if it’s about reaching a weight goal, running a distance, getting a certain amount of clients or performing better in another area of life. We start pushing those goals out of our head because the feeling of failure is too unbearable.

Truthfully you will always feel better about reaching for your goals than avoiding setting any. You know yourself what you want, so you should take the courage to admit it to yourself. It’s impossible to lie to yourself even if we try all day. It does chip away from you whenever you deny yourself something that you truthfully feel.

The best way to stay excited about your goals is to get as specific about them as possible. You need to visualize it to a degree where you see exactly the life you would have once you reached your goal.  

Our brains are constantly simulating experiences so you need to use that to your advantage. If you know what you want - and you always do - then start painting the whole picture in details, colors and feelings. If you want to loose weight imagine how exactly you would look and feel once you attained your goal. Make the picture of your goal vivid and engaging and as detailed as possible. See yourself successful at whatever you want to reach and act as if it already happened. If you consistently act as if what you want is already there, you will be engaged, ignore the doubts and your life will follow.

Act as if and your whole body and every cell in it will be motivated, driven and excited!

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