Tuesday, May 8, 2012

20 Ways to become a Winner

Here is a list of 20 Ways to improve yourself and your life, so you can feel like a Winner every day!

1.Take full personal Responsibility for every situation in your life
2.See yourself as self-employed no matter which job you have and see your boss as your client
3.Look into the Future instead of the Past
4.When building Persistence focus on your Outcome instead of the Process
5.Let go of Grudges because you can never achieve anything great with Negativity in you
6.After each Situation at work or home, think “What have I done right?”, then “What can I do better?”
7.Model yourself after the best people in your field - always compare yourself to the most successful people and find out what actions it takes (ask questions)
8.Educate yourself 30-60 Minutes each day and build expertise in your field
9.Every day do one thing more than you would usually do
10.Build self-discipline through Goal-setting, which will turn into self-esteem
11.Build on constructive habits through repetition and leverage
12.When trying to get rid of bad habits, tell yourself “just for today I will be good”
13.When building momentum for success, realize you only have to succeed the last time.
14.Train yourself to find one opportunity in the midst of struggle
15.On your to-do list, do the hard tasks first, then the easy fast ones
16.Never let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do - don't share your hopes and dreams with people who are not supportive
17.Always try to give a situation as much meaning as it needs - not more, not less
18.Assess the stories you tell yourself on what life and success is about - what did you learn when you were young?
19.Define for yourself one temporary measurable highest purpose that would make the biggest improvement in your overall life
20.Find out the one Skill that would make the biggest improvement for your life and focus your time on improving it

In the end improvement of life always comes back to the degree of personal Responsibility you take for every situation in your life, realizing that you are in control and relinquishing the negativity by minimizing your contact with negative people and input as well as changing your inner self-talk into the supportive inner voice it needs to be! Whichever point speaks to you the best here - get moving and start giving it a try!

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